Femme Fatale: a seductive woman who lures men into dangerous or compromising situations

Embodying the characters of real world femme fatales, this living history performance tells the unique story of the world's most powerful women, often too enchanting to be understood and too wild to be bound by love, social hierarchies and rules.  An all-star cast of award-winning international performers resurrect the nuances of the art of seduction and honor the power of femininity while capturing the essence of historical costuming and dance forms as they define each woman.  Mata Hari, Cleopatra, Salome, Sirens, Elizabeth Bathory, Lillith and others leap of the pages of history books, paintings and tin types and reach into your heart.

Be A Beauty:  Are you a delicious, daring and drama free diva with something stellar to contribute to our cast?  By all means send us a note and some love and we'll find  time for you in the line up!

Or Just Look Like One:  A huge mess of our awesomeness is designed and coutured by the amazing Katherine Summer O'Neill, Dusty Paik of SnakeChurch and Rose Harden. You should schedule a costume design/fitting session and get your next work of art on the books and on you!

Be Dangerous:  With this lineup, take advantage of the sheer know how, mixed backgrounds, styles, influence, years of dance training and time in your town to book a private lesson, or better yet host a workshop.   It costs a lot to dance this great and look this hot.  Get your tushy off facebook and the belly dance boards and Invest in yourself - you're worth it.

Bring the Beauties:
Book the hall and send the invitations!!!  The beauties are planning a roadtrip for May of 2012 around the Floralia Festival.  That puts us smack dab in New Mexico.  We are talking with hosts interested in shows in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Texas, and Idaho.  Perhaps we are on your route?  Contact us to book us in your town, and star in our show - it's the least we can do!  Plus you'll have the sheer joy of downtime with the coolest chicks in the sisterhood.  Some of us do enjoy a shot of whisky on occaision.  Hosting us is even more fun!

Bring the Brew:  We love Native Brew.  Bring them too.  Live music is so much more awesome than canned!  World fusion at it's finest with a unique collaboration of outstanding musicians.  Check them out here (link)!

Feed the Beauties:  We love us some pizza - but it's too hard to mail.  Your donation or donation in kind keeps us going.  Consider sending a few pennies to Kickstarter (link) or Paypal (link) and we'll pay your major thanks in our programs and online social groups.  Better yet, COME TO A SHOW!  You'll have a rip roarin time, and in this day and age, you can't sit at home forever.